DB0TRS: 439,125 MHz

5V7D Togo:

Unsere Mitglieder Werner/DL9MBI, Robert/DL6MFK, Rudi/DL5MEV sowie Armin/ DF1AI (vom C35)
werden vom 24. Maerz bis 11. April als 5V7D von Kpeme aus Funkbetrieb von 80 - 10 Meter in SSB, CW und
RTTY machen. Aktivitaeten in EME sind ebenfalls geplant. QSL via DL9MBI (d/B), ClubLog.

Remember: We want you in our log. Please help us get you there. 

  • If you cannot hear us - please don't call us. Wait until propagation and conditions favor your QTH for one
    or more of the Bands and Modes. Eventually you WILL have a clear path to Togo. Be patient.
  • Unless you hear otherwise from the Operator, we will ALWAYS be operating in SPLIT MODE throughout
    the DXpedition.
  • Listen to the Operator for RX frequencies (e.g., "up 5 to 10", or "listening on 7.155", etc.)
  • Please LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. You have two ears and one mouth, so please try to listen more, talk
    less. Be patient.
  • During SSB pileups, please announce your full call clearly -- ONCE -- using common phonetics.
  • During ALL pileups, listen for YOUR call on the comeback. Trust that we have two good ears.
  • We're not impressed by those who add to the QRM by constantly calling out of turn. Be patient.
  • Please do not Tune Up on any of our TX frequencies or any of our RX slots!
  • If we ask for "EU" only or "QRP only" or any other specific request, please QRX. Be patient.
  • Resist those "insurance" QSOs. We want to maximize unique QSOs, not Dupes.
  • Whenever possible, we will try to listen in the General portion of the band.

TNX & 73

Rudi, Werner, Armin es Robert.

Ein paar Bilder:

"Einkleidung": 5V7D T-Shirts aus der eigenen Schmiede - Wolfgang, DG2MEL & Armin, DF1AI

"Einkleidung": 5V7D T-Shirts aus der eigenen Schmiede - OVV Manfred, DJ1MD 

5V7D T-Shirts aus der eigenen Schmiede - Werner, DL9MBI - Robert, DL6MFK - Armin, DF1AI
Rudi, DL5MEV 

Angekommen in Togo

Der König in seinem Reich: Rudi, DL5MEV an 5V7D

CW-Operator Armin, DF1AI an 5V7D